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"Allen led a program for my group. He researched our needs, led an excellent workshop and immediately gained credibility and trust. We had a better understanding of our styles and needs, and concrete goals for conflict resolution
Cynthia Holle, Regional Director, Harborside Healthcare


25 years of experience
15,000 leaders & managers
Leadership Development - Executive Coaching - Team Building

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In the executive suite, training classroom and individual coaching sessions, I bring decades of experience helping business leaders and teams learn how to develop, lead and manage themselves and others better. 


As a one-on-one behavioral coach to successful, smart leaders I help my clients overcome personal barriers to their careers, effectiveness and happiness.


With business teams, I draw on my years as manager of the Boston University Executive Challenge Program to design and facilitate team building sessions that enable team members to take an honest and light-hearted look at themselves and the dynamics of their situation. The results are greater trust, momentum and efficiency within the team.


In the leadership training classroom, I bring humor, energy, insight, activities, research and personal examples to curate the environment that makes learning come alive.  The twenty-five years of global instructing at GE's Crotonville Leadership Development Institute has been the foundation and inspiration for my development work with managers and emerging leaders.

My passion lies in helping others get better, particular those whose success depends on other people.  My clients are typically leaders whose behavior has great impact on work climate, and the well being of others and their families. 

As a former biologist, I take great interest in the emerging research coming out of behavioral neuroscience, emotional intelligence and human resilience.  Being smart brings one pretty far.  But being happy, successful and getting the engagement and following of colleagues is a different story, and dependent on having "another kind of smarts." This is where I come in.

I've worked the spectrum of the corporate world. Senior executives, administrative employees, line workers, research scientists, sales managers, collection teams, HR departments, engineers, project team leaders, consultants and venture capitalists.  My work has taken him to different cultures, nationalities, functions, levels and industries, including:  Manufacturing, Hi-Tech, Health Care, Finance, Consulting, Education, Sales and Distribution.

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