Allen Hollander
Hollander & Kerrick Associates, Inc.
Helping Leaders & Teams Get Better


I have over twenty-five years experience in leadership development, executive coaching, facilitation and team development. Organizations that I've worked with are General Electric, Mercer, Harvard Business School, Advanced Practice Strategies, Bayer, Walgreens,, Kelley Business School, Lafarge, Computer Associates and Good Shepard Healthcare Center.

I feel blessed because I do work i love:  Helping others get better, particularly leaders, managers and teams. Whether it be presentation skills, performance management, emotional intelligence, executive presence, influence skills, global awareness, career navigation, coaching direct reports or working with team dynamics, I help my clients focus on the few most important changes that would result in the most meaningful difference in their effectiveness.  My approach, while business like, is supportive and a place where humor is most welcome.

At GE's John F. Welch Leadership Development Center (Crotonville), I continue to serve as lead faculty in leadership programs. Here I curate learning environments and teach successful, smart engineers, finance people, manufacturing supervisors, project leaders, collections supervisors, sales people and research scientists how to lead and manage themselves and other human beings.

In my work at GE, I've was involved in the early stages of the well known Work Out™ town meeting effort.  Here, I facilitated a number of multi-day sessions in a variety of the GE businesses that resulted in significant process changes, cost out, better supplier management and stronger customer alliances.  I have also worked with senior GE leaders and their teams, facilitating their use of the Change Acceleration Process (CAP)™.  Here, I taught models and tools that would increase the likelihood of their organizations aligning and executing business strategies.

As a one-on-one executive coach, I help leaders get better by helping them identify and change behaviors that limit them from being as effective as they could be.  Additionally, I coach leaders who are promoted and transitioning into jobs with greater scope.

Before launching my own consulting business, I was the manager of the Boston University Executive Challenge Program. For five years, I directed a team of trainers in the design, development and delivery of an American Society for Training & Development award winning, innovative team-building program based on experiential learning.

I am a former professor at the Hult International School of Business, and a current member of the American Society for Training and Development, have a BS from Clark University, an MST from Antioch University, and a certificate from the Columbia University Advanced Program in Organizational Development and Human Resource Management.

I live in New Hampshire, USA where I enjoy biking, hiking, telemark skiing, white water canoeing and caddying to my teenage son, the aspiring golf pro.