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Executive Coaching

"Happy are they that can hear their detractions and put them to mending."
- WIlliam Shakepseare, Much Ado About Nothing


You may or may not be not be a fan of the mall, but if you've been there, you know about the map with the arrow that says "You Are Here."  In our lives at work or at home, we'd like to think we have a sense of where we are in terms of knowing our behaviors and the effects they have on others.  But the research is pretty clear. Most of us are most often clueless.  In fact, when asked to compare their performance against peers, 80% of managers surveyed rank themselves in the top 10%.


Executive coaching is about helping successful leaders get more successful. I help my clients identify and change behaviors that get themselves and their leadership ability in trouble.  It could be over aggressiveness, impulse control, meddling too much, under-delegating, or another bad habit that sabotages their effectiveness, and their career.

I work with leaders confidentially, one-on-one, to refine and sharpen themselves.  I do this by helping them:


  - Use 360 feedback and assessments to understand their current impact.
  - Identify meaningful, specific, achievable, relevant  behavioral goals.
  - Develop alternatives for better ways of behaving in demanding situations.
  - Having a measurable development plan, and getting them to stick to it.
  - Get the support they need to keep the momentum of change going.

While the endeavor of personal development is a courageous and serious undertaking, it does not have to be solemn. My coaching style is a relaxed one, with a deep appreciation of the humor inherent in being human. No one is perfect, we all have room to grow and get better, so why not enjoy the journey of growth?



"Entering as a new CEO to an organization is a challenge. One is expected to change the tires and keep the vehicle at speed.  Allen's insight, wisdom and guidance helped me see where I needed to focus and what I needed to do to gain commitment from my team while meeting aggressive business objectives.  Thanks Allen!"

Dennis Ferrill
Chief Executive Officer
Advanced Practice Strategies