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Team Building

"Individually we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean"
Ryunosuke Sataro

Managers understand the need for quick response, creative thinking, good planning and the full use of human resources.  Team Building is the response to this challenge.  

I work with new business teams, whether virtual or co-located, to help them develop effective norms and processes that will support them in getting to where a great team needs to be:

• Quality output of work (service/product)
• Efficiency of process (decision making, communication, execution)
• Satisfaction of team members ("I like being a member of this team")
• Continuous learning by both individuals and the team ("we need to improve ...)

I also work with existing teams to help them when their current dynamics are a hindrance. I do this by helping the team clarify:

• Goals, mission and values
• Roles & Responsibilities 
• Processes for communication, feedback & decision making
• Interaction norms that benefit all.

Drawing on many years of team development interventions, I facilitate this serious, and seemingly intimidating experience with humor and sensitivity.  The results are greater trust, momentum, and the ability to tap the potential of the team and its members.


"In a one day session with minimal prep.... Allen completely defragged issues with key team members in one of my companies ... he created a go forward methodology that continues the team building process several years later.  I wish we'd engaged Allen earlier!"

Jane Martin
General Partner
Village Ventures